Upcoming Events

30 June 2022, 5-6 PM ET — Celebrating our 1 Year AnniversRy

Come join us to celebrate our one year anniversRy! Mingle with fellow R users, learn about opportunities to engage with the R community, share your favorite recent R related events, and get excited for the return of jeopaRdy!!

Past Events

21 October 2021 — Intro to {dplyr} and USAFacts COVID-19 Data

Join us for an introductory talk on how you can use {dplyr} to transform and analyze data. We will introduce the principles behind the tidyverse and teach you how to create new variables, transform existing ones, tidy data from a wide format to a long format (or vice versa), and more.

18 November 2021 — Cooking Your Data with Recipes

Recipes are tools for preprocessing data prior to modeling or visualization. You can think of them as a mash-up between `model.matrix()` and dplyr. We'll walk through some recipes and how they can be used with models or visualizations that use dimension reduction.

19 March 2022 — Creating Interactive Tutorials with {learnr} by Yanina Bellini Saibene

The {learnr} package makes it easy to turn any R Markdown document into an interactive tutorial. Tutorials consist of content along with interactive components for checking and reinforcing understanding. Tutorials automatically preserve work done within them, so if a user works on a few exercises or questions and returns to the tutorial later they can pick up right where they left off. Learn more about {learnr} here.

10 March 2022 — Creating features for machine learning from text

Julia Silge is a software engineer at RStudio PBC where she works on open source modeling tools. She holds a PhD in astrophysics and has worked as a data scientist in tech and the nonprofit sector, as well as a technical advisory committee member for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. She is an author, an international keynote speaker, and a real-world practitioner focusing on data analysis and machine learning. Julia loves text analysis, making beautiful charts, and communicating about technical topics with diverse audiences.

Natural language that we as speakers and writers use must be dramatically transformed to new representations for analysis, whether we are just starting off with exploratory data analysis or are ready to train machine learning algorithms such as predictive models. We can explore typical text preprocessing steps from the ground up, from tokenization to building word embeddings, and consider the effects of these steps. When are these preprocessing steps helpful, and when are they not? In this talk, learn about the process of text preprocessing for ML models in the real world, how and when practitioners use different preprocessing choices, and considerations for text ML tooling.

20 January 2022 — Organizer Interest Meeting

Are you interested in helping us make our R User Group better? Join our Organizer Interest Meeting! We will have free time to discuss what you'd like to see us do with the organization, suggest guest speakers, and volunteer yourself to help us organize our R User Group.

17 February 2022 — R you my Valentine?

Join us to share tips and tricks that make you *love* R!

02 December 2021 — Introduction to ggplot2

Do you want to take your data visualization skills to the next level? Come to our talk on ggplot2, a package in R that uses the grammar of graphics system to make it easy to create everything from simple and stunning to complex and sophisticated plots.

Our talk will cover three ways to use ggplot2:

  1. the basic ways you can use ggplot2 to create simple data visualizations,
  2. the extensions to ggplot2 that you should know about and help you quickly create more advanced data visualizations, and
  3. how you can create functions that use ggplot2 to help you automate creating data visualizations.
Our talk is intended to provide you the resources and know-how to create data visualizations that accelerate your research, knowledge discovery, and the communication of your findings.

05 August 2022 — {plumber}: An API Generator for R

{plumber} is an R package that allows users to create web APIs by decorating R functions using {roxygen2}-like comments. In this meetup, we will go over the basics of an API, a server, and how plumber can help you create a web-based API using R so that you can share your data/research/visualizations/{htmlwidgets} to the world.

19 August 2021 — R Trivia & Happy Hour

Join us for a virtual happy hour and mingle with other R users!

14 July 2021 — BeginneR's Workshop

Join us for an introductory session on using R and RStudio to analyze data and create data visualizations.

22 June 2021 — TidyTuesday Lunch & Learn

We watched a pre-recorded (available on YouTube) talk from Julia Silge on how she analyzed highly ranked hip hop songs using data from the Spotify API and using principal components analysis.

10 June 2021 — First Inaugural RUG Meeting

In our first meeting we learned about who was attending through casual conversations and surveys and what people are looking for from our organization.