Tools and Teams for Reproducible Science

Join us November 16th, 2023 at 5pm Eastern Time!

R is great for scientific reproducibility, but as work scales from individual to teams, organizations, and collaborations across teams, time, and space, R scripts and git repositories are no longer sufficient to capture project complexity. Reproducibility has to work for field, lab, analytical, and policy groups, and address challenges such as high-performance computing, large data, data privacy and security, and the re-use of data and analyses across separate but related projects. I will present lessons learned at EcoHealth Alliance in making reproducible R-based projects work for collaborative and interdisciplinary science. I will showcase tools and approaches we have adopted and developed beyond standard best practices. I will discuss the team structure, onboarding and ongoing training we conduct to make R and reproducibility a core pillar of our research.

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Dr. Noam Ross is Principal Scientist for Computational Research at EcoHealth Alliance, a global nonprofit working at the nexus of conservation and human health. He also serves as Software Peer Review Lead at rOpenSci, a developer collective building technical and social infrastructure for open science in the R language. Noam’s biological work focuses on applied and theoretical forecasting of zoonotic disease emergence, understanding disease circulation in wildlife populations and in wildlife-human contact processes, and study design for One Health research. His computational work includes building inclusiveness and diversity in the scientific software ecosystem, review and validation of scientific and statistical software, and reproducible computing environments. He holds a PhD in Ecology from the University of California, Davis.